Better performance, no more Dead Locks and your application untouched.
All these in few weeks!

That’s what  TORCH MIGRATION SUITE will do for you.

TORCH TECHNOLOGIES® INC. is an independent, Canadian owned and controlled corporation that, since 2005 provides world-class technical expertise in Information Technology Consulting Services. Despite being canadian_flaga young company, Torch brings with its team more then 20 years of expertise in the data administration and modeling and the database tuning arena particularly for Zim Databases.

Torch’s global headquarters are located in the high technology and political epicenter of Canada – Ottawa and today is present both in North America and Brazil through its clients and partners.

As per its founder background, Torch® first aim was the Zim database users’ community looking for solutions for their everyday problems. In 2005 Torch launched the

Torch Migration Suite - TMS,

a methodology and toolbox designed to simplify and guarantee Zim database migration to SQL DBMS. TMS speeds up a database migration more than 10 times.

Honoring its catch phrase - Enlightening new paths - Torch is continuously looking for new and unique solutions for its clients’ problems. Now, after the joint venture established with a Brazilian company, we are able to offer one of the most innovative BI solutions:

KILT®- Knowledge Improvement Life cycle Toolkit

the intelligent way to implement Business Intelligence in your company for a fraction of the cost of the usual solutions.

KILT® is the next generation of Business Intelligence Applications construction, directed toward the small and medium enterprises, particularly those that still think that BI is an unaffordable requirement to survive the modern competitiveness.

Summarizing, Torch Technologies provides the correct solution for

      • Zim Databases migration and fine tuning 
      • Business Intelligence application design and construction.
      • Business Intelligence out sourcing.
      • Training and consulting.


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TORCH Technologies® Inc. is pleased to announce that it has established a joint venture partnership with SUMNet® Innovations, a leading Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting company from Rio de Janeiro -  Brazil. 

This new partnership enables Torch to implement the next generation of Business Intelligence Applications construction. SUMNet® has several year of experience in Knowledge Management (KM) and Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse design and construction. Combining those expertises, SUMNet create the KILT® Methodology - Knowledge Improvement Lifecycle Toolkit the ultimate way to implement BI in your company.

Pentaho-Reports167x7902KILT® is the new generation of knowledge-enabled methodology that provides the modeling tools needed to capture, store, organize, leverage, and disseminate not only data and information but also the knowledge of the company.

KILT Methodology KILT Methodology is totally in compliance with the new generation of BI and, as an extension to the classical data warehouse methodolPentaho-DashBoard3ogies, not only facilitate the capturing and coding of knowledge for decision making but also enhance the speed of development and construction of BI Applications

Ally to KILT an Open Source Business Intelligence tool to dramatically reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and also an offshore Business Intelligence Factory® (BIF®) to reduce software development costs and we will get an unbeatable low cost high quality BI environment

We do know that making better and faster decisions based on facts, make the difference between surviving and sinking in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With Torch Technologies now all the benefits of a complete BI environment is within reach of your hands for a fraction of the cost usual BI Solutions costs.


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