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GlobeAndBookSmallDespite the company history being very recent, it is intimately connected to its founder and President, Mr. Livio A. Taufer. He is a Zim and Database Administration Senior Consultant for more than 20 years, seven of which at ZIM Corporation in Canada as Training and Consulting Manager and responsible for the DC - Zim Development Center - development.

Originally from Brazil, where he was partner and Technical Director of the Brazilian Zim distributor and later founded “Zim Technologies do Brasil - ZTI /Br” the distributor for South America, Livio came to Canada in 1998, invited to work at LOGO TORCH180x202ZTI/CA, and became a Citizen few years later. He left ZIM Corporation on November 2004.

Based on his large knowledge of Zim, its internals and customers needs, he founded TORCH® Technologies Inc. in 2005 firstly aimed to the Zim database users’ community. In 2008 was created the Business Intelligence Division, directed to small and medium enterprises in search of tailored BI solutions.

TORCH® Technologies delivers services of consultancy for Zim database fine tuning and performance review, database migration to SQL DBMS, and Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse design and implementation.


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