Torch completes its 9th Zim to Oracle database migration in Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil - July 4, 2007 - TORCH Technologies Inc. has just completed its 9th Zim to Oracle migration project in Brazil.

The J Safra Bank database, containing more than 20 Gb of data and 350 tables was migrated to a client-server environment using the TMS - Torch Migration Suite - in 4 weeks. The client side is the existing Credit System (Sicred) Zim application that was used in the bank for more than 10 years.

The application was fine, but the the bank could not rely on it due to the continuous dead locks that occurred daily. The bank has a long story of Zim use and also a large number of Zim programers that could not be forgotten.

The first results were absolutely outstanding. A batch program that usually took more than 2 hours to be executed was reduced to 32 minutes.


SUMNet and TORCH complete the deal with Brazilian universities
creating the first Business Intelligence Software Factories

Sao Paulo - December 18,2007 - SUMNet has just sealed the deal with two Brazilians universities in the State of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro creating the first Business Intelligence Factory - BIF - totally  trained and prepared to create BI software based on open software......


Torch brings to North America the ultimate BI Construction Methodology

Ottawa/Rio de Janeiro - October 12, 2007 - TORCH Technologies Inc. announced today its new joint venture partnership with SUMNET Ltda Brasil a leading BI consulting company in that country.

SUMNet created the Business Intelligence Factory (BIF) a model specially designed to create complete BI solutions, particularly for small and medium enterprises. The BIF Model was developed specially for small and medium sized enterprises..

The Business Intelligence Factory is an innovative business model for BI applications development using an offshore software factory in Brazil and a nearshore unit in Canada. It is a technological merge of Delivery Model, Commercial Open Source BI software and the the Knowledge Improvement Life cycle Toolkit (KILT) methodology.

The use of a BI open software  for deployment of solutions, due to is low cost, makes sophisticated Business Intelligence solutions fully feasible to be deployed in small and medium companies

KILT is an extension to the classical data warehouse methodologies and is totally in compliance with the new generation of BI, and provides the modeling tools needed to capture, organize and manage not only data and information but also the knowledge about decisions. KILT enhances the velocity of development and construction of BI Applications.

Along with SUMNet, Torch is now able to introduce the “The right shore alternative for Business Intelligence projects” nto the North American market.

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