Confluence is a leading IT Consulting and Services Brazilian company located in the city of Sao Paulo, the economic and technological center of Brazil.

Confluence-logo02Confluence is a TORCH Technologies partner in Brazil for services involving Zim Databases like Database Migration, fine tuning, interface migration from text to graphical, etc.

Working with Confluence, TORCH already migrated  several Zim databases for large clients like “Prefeitura Municipal de Governador Valadares” (Municipality of Governador Valadares), “Tribunal Regional do Trabalho  de  Minas Gerais” (Regional Labour Court of the State of Minas Gerais) to name a few.

BST-logo03Baker Software Technologies is a Vancouver (BC) based company specialized in development of Rapid Application Deployment systems and computer applications for business and personal use using Zim.

BST was the first TORCH Technologies Inc. company authorized to apply the Torch Migration Suite and Methodology.

SUMNet is the most recent TORCH Technologies Inc. partner. The two companies set up a joint venture partnership October 2007, to bring to North America the next gSumNet0103eneration of Business Intelligence Applications construction.

SUMNet® is a leading Business Intelligence Consulting company from Rio de Janeiro -  Brazil with many year of experience in Knowledge Management (KM) and Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse design and construction. SUMNet® developed the KILT® Methodology - Knowledge Improvement Life cycle Toolkit the ultimate way to implement BI directed towards small and medium enterprises.

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